Tip: Visit the Liechtensteinklamm for spectacular waterfalls and vistas

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Although the weather is usually very nice in Austria, it can also be a bit rainy sometimes. What shall we do then? We are happy to give you the tip to visit one of the longest and deepest gorges of the Alps: The Liechtensteinklamm in St. Johann in Pongau. After being closed for three years, the gorge recently reopened. A wonderful pastime which is easy to reach from our Haus Piesendorf (40 minutes).

Beeld Liechtensteinklamm

Gorge closed due to falling rocks

The Liechtensteinklamm was closed in the Summer of 2017 when suddenly 300 tons of stones fell down. Four visitors were injured and a couple were trapped in the gorge. In order to make the gorge safe again, more than four million Euros were invested for renovation purposes. The tons of heavy construction materials were flown into the gorge by a helicopter. Three new tunnels and four galleries have been created. In addition, 60 nets were placed with a total length of 1100 meters to stop chippings. The walking route has been adjusted and made safer. In addition, a video surveillance system has been installed that can accurately detect the movement of stones to the millimeter. Now three years later, on June 11, the Liechtensteinklamm was reopened to the public. Before the closure, 200.000 visitors visited this impressive gorge every year.

Doorkijkspleet Liechtensteinklamm

Cliffs and waterfalls

Thanks to a gift from the monarch of Liechtenstein, the gorge was made accessible to the public in 1875. Now you also immediately know why this fantastic gorge has been given the name Liechtensteinklamm. Over the centuries, the spectacular waterfalls and impressive waterbodies have cut the gorge even deeper. There are places in the gorge where the cliffs are 300 meters high and where you can hardly see the sky. The Liechtensteinklamm has a total length of four kilometers. Approx. one kilometer is accessible to visitors. This gorge is one of the longest and deepest of the Alps.

Is the Liechtensteinklamm a real highlight of the Salzburgerland?

Just as many other visitors, we were also curious whether the gorge is worth a visit. We put it to the test and set off. It is easy to reach the gorge by car. We recommend to put on sturdy shoes with a good profile, because it can be quite slippery in the gorge, due to the splashing water. A ticket costs 10 Euro for adults and 5,50 Euro for kids (6-18 years).

Helix Liechtensteinklamm

Tip: Purchase the Salzburgerland Card. This card costs 76 Euros per adult and 38 Euro for kids between 4 and 16 years old. It allows you to visit many attractions throughout Salzburgerland for free, including the Liechtensteinklamm. You can buy this card at the Tourismusverband in Piesendorf. More information: about the Salzburgerland card

Wenteltrap Liechtensteinklamm

After approx. 100 meters we arrive at the spectacular, newly built spiral staircase of no less than 30 meters high. This impressive steel staircase has been given the name ‘Helix’. The staircase offers fantastic views. The walk continues through exciting tunnels accompanied by loud water sound of the current. After every bend or tunnel, a surprising natural moment awaits. A lot of water has fallen recently, so the waterfalls were extra spectacular today. At the end of the gorge, the beautiful, high waterfall awaits you as a surprise. The total walk takes more than one hour.

Waterval Liechtensteinklamm


You have to be a good walker to walk this tour and for small kids we recommend a back carrier. We took our dogs with us today, they were allowed free of charge, on the leash of course.

Tip: in high season (June-August) it can be rather crowded in the gorge between 10.00 am and 02.00 pm. If you don’t like crowds, you should visit the gorge early or in the late afternoon.

Liechtensteinklamm water

We believe the Liechtensteinklamm is the most beautiful gorge of the five gorges that can be reached from Piesendorf. Definitely recommendable! More information about our other gorges: 4 unique gorges in Austria

If you have bought the Salzburgerland Card, it is advisable to combine this gorge with a visit to the Geisterberg, situated at only 10 minutes from the gorge. This park can also be visited free of charge with the Card. This mountain consists of four spooky worlds where you will encounter all kinds of varied attractions. You go up with the gondola and the adventure park is suitable for both young and old. Open daily from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm. More information: about the Geisterberg

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