On Holiday in in Haus Piesendorf, but who are we?

In 2008 we made a life-changing decision. We left our house and jobs in the Netherlands and started all over again in the beautiful Austria, together with our two boys (then 2 and 5 years old). We choose Austria because of the attractive country with snow in Winter and the rich coloring of Summer. A country that offers many possibilities in all four seasons.

Marco is an entrepreneur in heart and soul and Susan is wonderful with people. Therefore, our choice was obvious: Tourism.

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Marco was a fruit grower in West-Friesland and Susan worked as a dialysis nurse at the hospital in Hoorn. By the way, we didn’t leave the Netherlands because we were unsatisfied with our jobs or the country itself; we were looking for a challenge in a beautiful country. No going back ....

In the meantime we have built a beautiful company here in the Salzburgerland, which we are very proud of. We experienced, learned and tried a lot these last couple of years. We could write a book about it, but we’ll keep it short.

In 2008 we bought Haus Piesendorf and started with five apartments. Four years later our house was thoroughly renovated and expanded to nine comfortable holiday homes. It still wasn’t enough and before we got bored, we choose something new again. In 2014 we bought a hotel in the centre of Kaprun. We brought a poorly run hotel to life again and welcomed many enthusiastic guests. However, hotel life didn’t suit us and we therefore sold it after five years.

Full of energy we continued in Piesendorf. Thanks to our small scale company with cozy atmosphere, guests immediately feel at home here. That suits us. In the meantime we built five wonderful holiday homes in the beautiful Piesendorf near Zell am See and Kaprun. Our offer varies from a double apartment to a group accommodation for fourteen to fifty persons. There is something for everybody. In the last couple of years we carefully looked at what was needed and accurately responded to this. For example, we built a new playground for young and old.

We are still having a great time here in the Alps. We haven’t been homesick for one day so far. Our family became complete when our youngest boy was born here in Austria. Our boys (in the meantime 17, 14 and 8 years old) have become real Austrians. They speak the local dialect fluently.

We would love to tell you more about our adventure …..when you come and stay with us!

Of course we hope you will have a fantastic, unforgettable time here in the Zell am See and Kaprun area.

See you soon in Piesendorf!

Best regards,

Marco & Susan
Gian, Leon and Milan