Discover the surrounding area in a spectacular way; go rafting!

Ilse 24 May 2020 Reading time 5 minutes

Are you near Zell am See and would you like to do something spectacular and adventurous? Then, you should go rafting. Excitement, fun and teamwork are combined on the water. The Salzach is perfect for this exciting outdoor activity. Together with the Saalach, this river is even one of the best rafting rivers of Austria! With several departure points, including Zell am See and Taxenbach this is the ideal activity if  you are staying in Piesendorf!

Different tours for different needs

The Salzach is suitable for adrenaline junkies as well as beginners and families. The flow in the river is caused by melting glacier water from the areas of the Großglockner.  Excitement and thrills are guaranteed! The sportiest part is therefore located on the highest part, the stretch from Eschenau near Zell am See to Schwarzach. Along the way you will encounter numerous high rolls and breakers. However, the river is also very suitable for beginners. Fortunately, the tours are customized and there are various options.

Of course, the tours vary in terms of level of difficulty, but also in terms of duration. If you book a half day, you are usually 2 hours on the water, the family tour is a bit shorter, while a day tour usually lasts 3-4 hours. This doesn’t mean the tour is over after those few hours.  You must add the ride to the start, the briefing, the changing session and the completion of the required paperwork. Some tours even end the day with a barbecue. There is something for everyone!

Rafting Salzach

Teamwork and fun

Enjoy the impressive landscape while a professional guide leads you through the river. Along the way you will encounter rapids and obstacles which you will overcome if you follow the instructions closely. This means teamwork, because everyone must do what it takes to avoid falling into the water. It’s hard work, fortunately combined with a lot of (water) fun. Do you keep your head cool despite the adrenaline rushing through your veins? Paddle your way along the Labyrinth, the Rollercoaster or the Wet Dreams!

Rafting in Austria is not only suitable for summer days. It is the perfect outing on a rainy day. You will get wet anyway by the water and you don’t have to worry about getting cold. After all, your wetsuit will keep you warm. In fact, rain and wind make the water even wilder and your tour even more spectacular!

Lasting memories

All you need to bring in addition to a good physical health and swimming experience is your holiday spirit, swimwear and a towel. You will receive the rest of your equipment on location. After having received the wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and neoprene shoes, you will be brought to the start of your adventure! Of course you will get an extensive safety briefing before you go on the water. Afterwards you paddle back to the rafting center and usually get a certificate. In many cases you can also buy photos and videos of your ride: Lasting memories!


The price depends on the tour you choose, but for adults it is approx. 55 Euro for half a day, family rafting is usually approx. 39 Euro. The price for children is lower. The minimum age for a family rafting tour is 8 years (accompanied by an adult). The child must also be able to swim.






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